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Andy Marrero

The story of a man who CAN BRING A SMILE TO ANYONE


His story...

Andy was injured in an unfortunate skateboard accident 10 years ago, which left him with a traumatic brain injury. Andy continues to smile each and every day that he wakes up. He is a constant light in people's day and always is able to bring a good laugh to the room anywhere that he goes.


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Client Name: Andy Marrero

Location: Claremont

Hometown: La Crescenta, CA

Injury or Diagnosis: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Typical The Perfect Step Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays

The Perfect Step Start Date: 09/21/2016

How did the client find out about The Perfect Step and Be Perfect?

Andy’s mom, Cathy, met Lorie Hargrave from Be Perfect Foundation at Casa Colina and was told about what the foundations is all about.

Is there anything the client would like to tell us about themselves BEFORE their accident/diagnosis?

Andy was a full time student at Cal State Los Angeles, his major was Kinesiology and he was in his 4th year. He also combined being a baseball player and having a part-time job.

Is there anything the client would like to tell us about themselves AFTER the accident/diagnosis?

His life revolves around his sessions at The Perfect Step. His work outs are number one for him. He still has a great sense of humor and enjoys the personal touch of all his specialists.” He is a very happy person “.

Why is The Perfect Step  important to the client? How has Be Perfect affected the client’s life and what would you want to say to the donors to thank them?

The Perfect Step has taken him to the next level. He has a lot more confidence in the things he can do. Be Perfect has given him the support that he needed to make progress. He wants to say to the donors “THANK YOU is people like you that make people like me be able to make improvements in our lives”.

What are the client’s current hobbies?

He likes to watch movies and enjoys video games.

What are the client’s short term goals and how is the help of Be Perfect and The Perfect Step playing a part in it?

His short term as well as his long term goal is: To gain more balance and improve his steps. The Perfect Step is where he has seen major changes since starting to come here. If it wasn’t for Be Perfect and its financial support these changes couldn’t happened.

Does the client have any personal motivations for recovery?

No personal motivations but, he is inspired by Hal Hargrave every time he sees him working out. He loves to be able to interact and have conversations with all his specialists.

What is the client’s biggest achievement since starting The Perfect Step?

His balance has improved tremendously therefore he has a lot more confidence.