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The Be Perfect Foundation is 100% volunteer base and has zero paid staff.

Board Members/ Volunteer Team


Hal Hargrave Jr


Founder & President

Hal Jr was injured in an auto accident on July 26, 2007, which left him paralyzed from the neck down and as a quadriplegic.

Hal Junior spent over 70 days in acute care and rehabilitation hospital. The doctors said there was a 1-3% chance that he would ever walk again. Despite this news, Hal’s emotional and mental outlook was strong.  This was due to one single line of thinking Hal carried with him that made the future feel brighter – he could still “be perfect”. Inspired by the movie Friday Night Lights, the idea was that if you could look the people you love in the eye and tell them that you did absolutely everything you could – gave every ounce you had – then it didn’t matter whether you won or lost. Hal realized that he could “Be Perfect” whether or not he ever walked another day in his life.

In Hal's terms: Be Perfect meant getting the most out of himself each and every day.

The Be Perfect Foundation has remained Hal's passion ever since the idea came about in 2007. As a founding member of The Be Perfect Foundation, Hal wakes up every day with an intent to want to make a difference in the field of paralysis recovery.

Hal Jr's day-to-day involvement with the foundation resides in decision-making, community relations, client outreach, event coordinating and planning, and marketing.

In his own words: “When my accident happened, I quickly recognized that my accident affected not just me, but my entire family and those around me. Fortunately, I have incredible family of a wife, parents, brothers and sisters and extended family who have never left my side. Additionally, the community has rallied around the and when those steps away, others stepped up. The Be Perfect Foundation has been the biggest blessing (aside from my injury, my wife and my family) that has ever happened to me. It has given me newfound perspective, newfound purpose, and a reason to get up every morning and be proud of who I am and what I'm doing. However, I understand that the only way that this is possible is through a supportive family, a supportive community, support of donors, support of board members and volunteers, and namely grateful individuals who the foundation supports. The unfortunate part in all of this is knowing that people continue to have terrible diagnosis, terrible injuries and terrible stories to tell. However, the fortunate part is knowing that the foundation is there to make a difference. I know that I'm nothing without each and every one of you supporters and donors, namely the team that is listed here on this page. I owe it all to them.”


Lorie Hargrave

event coordinator/ Billing/ Community Relations

Lorie Hargrave (mother to Hal Jr) has been a philanthropist, founding member and board member of Be Perfect since the inception of the foundation in 2007. As the head of billing and community relations, Lorie is truthfully the first person to reach and touch each person and family that Be Perfect is able to support.

Lorie wears many hats and often times serves as a mental health support network for many individuals suffering from paralysis, their families, and namely other moms who need somebody to talk to. Lorie has started and orchestrates support groups among mothers who have sons and daughters living with paralysis. Lorie truthfully has a way of meeting many people in their place and being an advocate for them to help them get what they need in terms of financial support or working with insurance companies or lawyers to provide support to clients. Additionally, much of Lorie's time is spent meeting new clients at the hospital or at local rehabilitation facilities, to provide them with support, guidance, and help.

Unfortunately, Lorie also manages the daunting task of billing. It is one of those things where "somebody has to do it” and Lorie, being the person that she is, simply finds a way to get the job done even with many other things going on around her. With this bulldog mentality, Lorie has been a great advocate in the community for Be Perfect. She often times networks with local organizations, businesses, and donors. She spends much of her waking time developing relationships and collecting auction items for Be Perfect’s annual fundraiser.

Lorie is a mother to four children (Hal Jr 29, Corey 26, Hailey 21, Bella 14) and spends a lot of for time away from the office inside the volleyball gym, carting around kids, or playing host to many events, parties, or high school kids (who are friends of her youngest daughter Bella) at the Hargrave household.

Lorie was greatly affected by her son, Hal Junior's, accident in 2007. However, she has found great purpose and meaning in serving others ever since. She has made it her lifelong mission to help others in any way possible.

Lorie truthfully has that mothering instincts about her as she seems to always put everybody else before herself, naturally her kids included. Many times Lorie will find herself in over her head with many tasks to do, tasks that she is completing for other people. However, when Lorie is able to find time for herself you might find her at Laguna Beach or sitting on the boat out in Lake Havasu.

Hal Hargrave Sr

Vice President


Hal Hargrave Sr (father to Hal Jr) has been a philanthropist, founding member and board member of Be Perfect since the inception of the foundation in 2007. As Vice President on the Be Perfect board, Hal Sr is involved with the day-to-day operations of Be Perfect through use of his business acumen and vision.

Hal Sr, a father to four children (Hal Jr 29, Corey 26, Hailey 21, Bella 14), has over 34 years of experience in the business field and is the current Chief Executive Officer of Apex Imaging Services (a nationwide general contractor).

During his tenure as Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Apex Imaging Services, Hal has developed intimate knowledge of all aspects of the company and has been instrumental in Apex expanding to broader markets, establishing new clients, and successfully advancing the capabilities of the company while adapting to industry changes and varying economic climates.

Hal Sr will tell you that his true mission at this point in his life is driven by what the foundation is able to do to influence the paralysis community. This passion derived from when his son, Hal Jr, sustained his spinal cord injury in 2007 and recognized that there were people in need throughout the local community. Because of his involvement with both Apex and Be Perfect, Be Perfect has been able to develop a very unique working partnership with Apex Imaging Services.

Much of the day-to-day operations that are necessary to keep the foundation moving forward, are in due part to the support, in terms of man-hours and philanthropic involvement, from the Apex Imaging Services staff.

Hal Sr has influenced the culture of philanthropy within Apex and he will keep that as his mission moving forward.

Kathleen Hargrave



Kathleen Hargrave (mother to Hal Sr and grandmother to Hal Jr) plays a huge role in the day-to-day operations of Be Perfect as the foundation's Treasure. Kathleen became passionate about Be Perfect after her grandson, Hal, sustained his spinal cord injury in 2007. As an involved grandmother, she wanted to do something more to make a difference. So, she stepped up and made it her life purpose to dedicate much of her time to helping those in the paralysis community.

Professionally, Kathleen is currently Chairman and President of Apex Imaging Services.

Kathleen grew up in Southern California, spending her early married life in Claremont, CA, where she raised 3 children. Over time she started her own book-keeping business, “Hargrave Book-keeping”, worked for a condominium management service, and eventually developed her own condominium association management firm.

However, it wasn’t long before she joined forces with the rest of her family during the early years of Apex. She has always enjoyed being involved in the accounting area of the business. When it came time to become an official entity, she was elected president/secretary, and this remains her title today.

There is no question that the foundation has been able to reach extraordinary heights because of the book-keeping done by Kathleen, Hal Jr's grandmother.

Toni Frazer

Event Coordinator


Toni has been a part of The Be Perfect Foundation since its inception in 2007. Toni and her husband, Doug, spent countless days in the hospital alongside Hal Jr and his family. Toni was ultimately one of the influencing factors in why the Hargrave family felt so comfortable moving forward starting a foundation because of her background and knowledge in the non-profit field and her philanthropic nature.

Toni is also a board member of the Matt Leinart Foundation and has propelled the Matt Leinart Foundation to extraordinary heights because of her vision and her ability to reach out to the local community and coordinate events.

As you can see, Toni has a heart that wants to reach individuals who are in need. She somehow finds a way to keep the philanthropic component of life at the forefront of her to do list even in the midst of being an active part in her and her husband’s family business, Enviroguard.

On a daily basis, Toni plays an active role with Be Perfect by reaching out to the local community to try and find donors, community partners and opportunities for new fundraising events for the foundation. Additionally, she is one of the key components for the foundation’s annual fundraiser as she wears many hats, namely coordinating the vast silent auction.


Teri Goodwin

Event Production coordinator

Teri Goodwin has been involved with the Be Perfect Foundation since it’s inception. Teri’s son, Brain, suffered a spinal cord injury while diving into a sandbar…one week after Founder Hal Hargrave broke his neck in a terrible car accident. Hal and Brian became roommates at Casa Colina and the two families became fast friends. When Teri’s family found out that Hal wanted to give back to those who suffer SCI injuries, they were all in. Teri knows firsthand how important community is during difficult times and the Be Perfect Foundation offers that along with sponsoring life changing physical therapy and equipment for those in need.

 Teri loves volunteering with the team at Be Perfect and enjoys producing the large Be Perfect events that draw over 1000 people. The attendees love these fun events and show their support by donating gifts for auction, sponsoring tables and raising $100,000 of dollars that are put right back into the foundation to help clients become their best selves. Teri has spoken to many of the benefactors that are helped each year by Be Perfect and knows she is spending her time wisely in assisting any way she can.

On any given week, Teri is volunteering full-time at Hillside Community Church as their Director of Communications and can’t believe the fun she is having! Teri is married to Louis, who loves to golf; daughter, Kristin who is a fantastic writer and all-around funny person; and son Brian who is an FAA drone pilot and assist Be Perfect in their video needs. Teri feels honored that she gets to help with such a worthwhile foundation…Be Perfect is literally changing lives, one client at a time!

Jenna Hardy

Event Production ASSISTANT


Jenna is an Event Planner for the Be Perfect Foundation. Through her love for public speaking, she has also been honored to help take on the role of “co-host” for the foundation’s fundraising gala each year.

Jenna first got involved with the event planning committee for the Be Perfect Foundation because of her job as a “Paralysis Specialist” at The Perfect Step Paralysis Center where many of her clients are supported by the foundation. Long before Jenna was a Paralysis Specialist, she gained experience as an event planner in Downtown San Diego where she would help coordinate events of all different shapes and sizes. A few years later, she was presented with the opportunity to work as Pitzer College’s event coordinator for their Advancement Office and help host small events for the college to raise money for student scholarships.

Eventually, this led Jenna to volunteer her experiences with event coordinating to raise money for a cause with multiple foundations, eventually landing with a permanent volunteer spot with the Be Perfect Foundation. Jenna has started other small fundraising opportunities within the foundation by creating a donation-based yoga classes once a month where 100% of the proceeds go to the foundation. 

Jenna just graduated with her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology; Marriage and Family Therapy and is currently starting mental health support services for family, friends and individuals living with paralysis.

Ashton Wray

Event ProduCtion ASSISTANT


Ashton became a member of the Be Perfect committee in 2018. But she has been a close part of the paralysis community since 2014 when she became a member of The Perfect Step (a partner of Be Perfect) staff in 2014, after obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Integrative Physiology from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She takes extreme pride in being one of the leaders of The Perfect Step (TPS) staff as a Level III Certified Paralysis Recovery Specialist and Educator.

Ashton was committed to the field of paralysis recovery long before her tenure at TPS, as her father is a recovering C-5 quadriplegic who continues to overcome his injury and 30+ years later is walking and living a near able-bodied life. Ashton will tell you that her exposure to the paralysis recovery field since starting at TPS, has really opened her eyes to her dad’s recovery. Through this exposure, she has developed a unique identity and style that pertains towards pushing her clients to their fullest potential; making their workouts serious but fun and very challenging but manageable.

The pride and dedication Ashton brings to TPS and her clients, she definitely brings to Be Perfect. Her life goal is to help people and she is so honored and happy to join a committee where she can do that outside of her career. One aspect Ashton loves of being part of the Be Perfect committee is expanding and growing her creativity and collaborating with such selfless, loyal, spirited, and generous people. Be Perfect continually reminds Ashton to put others before herself and to always do everything you can.

Catherine “Catie” Hargrave


event production ASSISTANT and community relations

Catie (wife to Hal Jr as of September 2018) has become much more involved with the foundation in more recent years. But, her passion and involvement with the foundation stems back to the beginning of her college years at the University of La Verne “ULV” (La Verne, California) in 2011. Hal and Catie met at ULV and Catie quickly became a dear friend of Hal’s and an active supporter of Be Perfect. Catie was not only a frequent flyer at many of the Be Perfect events and annual fundraisers, but also was an advocate on the ULV campus for the foundation. Even during her nationally recognized college volleyball career at ULV, Catie would often represent the Be Perfect organization on her jersey during games or even during warm-ups. This brought about much awareness and even a sense of community throughout the rest of her teammates who bought into the Be Perfect organization, thus becoming advocates around campus for BP as well. Since her time at ULV, Be Perfect has become a campus-wide recognized organization and movement, as many athletes and students represent the BP name proudly, much in due part to Catie pioneering the way.

Catie grew fond of Hal because of her selfless heart and her passion for learning about the human body and human development. Catie received her undergraduate degree in Athletic Training and eventually got her Masters in Child Development. This education and passion has evolved into an unwavering support and commitment to Hal's recovery, including being there for him during the early years of his recovery and traveling with him down to Carlsbad to support him in his outpatient therapy program.

Catie currently works as a teacher at Charter Oak High School (West Covina, California) in the special education department. Catie has a way about her that is able to reach those who are in need through her teaching and coaching mentality. During the summertime, Catie works for the Hargrave family business, Apex Imaging Services, and additionally volunteers her time for Be Perfect with assisting on billing and donation reports.

Through Hal and Catie's courtship, Catie has stepped up in a big way with wanting to be more of an active part of Be Perfect for the rest of her life. Most recently she has played more of an active role in the event planning aspect of the annual fundraiser, including providing input on the fundraisers program. Additionally, she plays an active part by assisting Hal in visiting many of the newly injured clients and their families.


Silent Auction: Toni Frazer, Mike and Barbi Hilt, Candis Horowitz

Decorations: Laura Grochowski, Debbie Gronna, Tracy Scott

Seating: Lydia Montano

Bars: Dave Bosson, Deb Hargrave

Emcees: Tom Cerafice and Doug Brooks

And countless other individual volunteers and volunteer groups to make our yearly fundraisers a hit.

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