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John Morris


Name: John Morris

Date of Injury: 7/7/12    

Level of Injury: Spinal cord injury (SCI) Thoracic spine 10 (vertebrate)

Brief description of how you are injured: I went to sit on my balcony railing around 8:00 am to read the paper and sat too far back on it and lost my balance and fell over. The fall was 3 stories up and landed on my back breaking my T-10 vertebrae.  

What type of assistance has Be Perfect Foundation provided for you and how has that helped regain an independent and active lifestyle? They have helped me in paying for some of my therapy, which helps me to continue improving my independent lifestyle as a 27 year old male.

How has Be Perfect re-instilled hope back into your life again? Well they re-instilled hope back in to my life by just being there to help. There has been plenty of times when people has said no we can’t help you. Be Perfect are the people that want to help and it’s nice to know that there is people like that still out there.

How has The Perfect Step helped you if applicable? It has made me loose weight which helps me move around easier as well as make me stronger to make my independent life easier. The atmosphere here is just like a close family which helps me out mentally because you don’t feel like an outsider. I love coming here!

What are some goals that you have set for yourself that you are proud to say that you have attained? Weight loss goal to under 200lbs. (at 193lbs. now). To be able to bench press 200lbs. I can do 210lbs. Just to get my cardio better, which it has.

What are some future goals that you would like to attain that Be Perfect can help you achieve? To just keep improving all around. Trying to be able to lock my knee out to start the walking process.

Anything else that you would like to tell the donors or a simple thank you that you would like to give them? Like to say, thank you to anyone that donates because you are helping to change a person’s life around and lifting their spirits back up which is an incredible thing.

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