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Be Perfect helps paralysis patients get back in the game of life. This is made possible through the partnership of Be Perfect, Project Walk, and The Claremont Club. Each of these organizations are key to making the holistic recovery style we support possible.

Project Walk — Activity-Based Paralysis Therapy

Project Walk Claremont is a franchise of Project Walk – a pioneer in activity-based recovery. Project Walk has been treating people living with paralysis for nearly two decades – giving them the knowledge and experience necessary to design a program unlike any other recovery center in the world.

Visit the Project Walk website to learn more about Project Walk Claremont including applications, facility photos, and more.

The Claremont Club — Fitness and Wellness Center

The Claremont Club is a world class gym, fitness & wellness center located on 19 beautiful acres in the city of Claremont. Project Walk is located on Claremont Club’s property and all patients are given complimentary memberships to the club promoting healthy relationships and further physical activity.

Visit The Claremont Club website to learn more.

How the partnership began

In 2007 Hal Hargrave, Jr. was paralyzed in a roll-over truck accident (read the rest of the story here). While Hal was still in the hospital, Mike Alpert, CEO of The Claremont Club, visited him and offered to convert one of Claremont Club’s racquetball courts into a small-adapted studio so Hal could work out.

Hal, who was still recovering from his own spinal cord injury, invited over 25 injured people all needing the same type of therapy to join him at the Club. Once the word got out, Hal and Mike discovered that the demand for this type of therapy was greater than they could meet.

What happened next was a dream come true for Hal.

First, the trainers were taught the Dardzinski method at a world-renowned facility called Project Walk in Carlsbad, California certifying them as Exercise Specialists. Next, Mike offered to expand the small studio into a larger space on the campus. Finally, Hal Hargrave Jr. and his family purchased the Project Walk franchise. They opened the doors to a modern 3000 square-foot center with the capacity to treat up to 75 clients. 

Today, Project Walk Claremont serves 75 clients with a staff of 8 certified trainers. Project Walk strives to continue helping clients overcome paralysis.

If you are a paralyzed and need financial assistance for medical needs, please apply here. If you’d like to join the team of people making recovery possible for hundreds of paralysis patients, learn more here.