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Thanks for your interest in receiving financial support for your recovery.

Be Perfect exclusively provides scholarships to individuals desiring care at The Perfect Step. If you are outside of the Claremont or Southern California area, your application will be considered on a very specific and individual basis, based off of other factors.

Disclaimer: For all inquiries pertaining towards therapy coverage, Be Perfect will only cover expenses for completed therapy sessions, where an invoice for those completed sessions is passed off to Be Perfect to then pay for those sessions.

 All inquiries for assistance must be expressed in the form of completing a scholarship application. This is a foundational policy.

Please fill out the online application below. If you prefer to print and mail in your application, please mail it to:

You can email your completed form to or mail it to the address - support@beperfectfoundation.org

Be Perfect Foundation
720 Indigo Ct.
Pomona CA 91767

Please allow 2–4 weeks for a response from Be Perfect.

***Please note that ALL scholarship applications must be submitted online or mailed to the address above.