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All too late summertime update!

I have been lagging the past couple of months to say the least, to put an updated blog up on the site to tell all of you some of the great things that have gone on the summer as we approach the new school year which for me starts tomorrow, and for many of you has already started, as well as us approaching the upcoming Sixth Annual Be Perfect Foundation fundraiser " Endless Summer" on September 27 next month. I am beyond excited for all of the fun endeavors that will take place next month, with the new school year starting, and everything that leads up planning the event. Needless to say, myself, my family, and all of our committee members are beyond excited for the incredible evening that we have planned for all of you and we can't wait for all who will attend. Remember to get your tickets in early, before the prices go up, we sold out Last year at 1250 people and we don't want to be having to turn away anybody, so make sure to get your tickets in and purchased quickly. It is in fact a themed night again this year much like you might remember last year being a country western theme. This year is an "Endless Summer" theme, so I expect everybody to dress in beach attire, no this does not mean bathing suits haha. And girls, get your sundresses ready! Since the last time that I posted a blog on June 5, a lot has happened.  I've spent some incredible times out of the lake, I watched my dad race NASCAR and beat Joe Johnson in a race. I attended and saw many of my sisters close friends and people that I call my friends graduate from the class of 2014 from Claremont high school, and from the University of La Verne. I've attended some fun Dodgers and Angels games with some of my dear friends, made some incredible memories on a cruise to Mexico with 13 of my guy friends that will never be forgotten and at the same time never be spoken of again haha. I attended and made more relationships at the Matt Leinart foundation, celebrity bowling night fundraiser in which he raises money for his foundation and the Make-A-Wish foundation based out of Orange County. I made an incredible river trip with all of the guys from project walk. I celebrated yet another year of battling through this injury and experiencing what I deem as my new birthday of 7/26/07, the day that I was reborn. On this day I was able to share an incredible act of love by attending one of my dear friends, Sarah Webner's wedding, as she is now married to Mr. John Wells who is an incredible guy in his own right. The day after that was a day of much remembrance, and reflection as it was the one year anniversary of my grandfather Hargrave passing away. Needless to say, it was a huge day of reflection for my family and a day that we will all remember a lot of the values that we continue to use today that were instilled in us by my incredible grandfather. 7/27/13. It's been an exciting time at Project Walk in Claremont, as we have just newly finished our expansion of the facility. We are so excited to share and show all of you at our upcoming re-grand opening of the second half of the facility on November 8 of this year, from nine to 12 o'clock in the morning. The facility is now home to new and useful equipment that we will be able to utilize with all of our 50 clients that we now have enrolled in our program, and has expanded our facility by 2200 ft.².  I like many of you, was a part of one of the people who undertook the challenge, of getting a cold bucket of ice dumped on my head, for the ALS awareness ice bucket challenge. I then nominated my close friends Brandon Rayburn, Chris Seibel, and Brian Goodwin. It was a fun time doing it and brought some great awareness to the ALS community, and to somebody who's fighting the fight every day, Augie Nieto.  My very busy, productive, efficient, and relaxing summer has concluded this weekend, with attending one of Project Walk's very own clients, and my friend Eric Kerber's pool party, yesterday. Where many of us project what clients and trainers had a blast hanging out at the Kerber family's house, going down there slides of their pool, and having an incredible barbecue that was catered by the incredible Kerber family. Today I was back in in my very own element, ironically enough on the campus of University of La Verne, where school will start for me there tomorrow for the fall semester, by speaking to the University of La Verne football team. These are some of the guys that I call some of my dearest friends on campus, and will be friends of mine for life. I had an opportunity to go and provide some perspective for them today prior to the season starting, on the first day of the hell week, and to try and get things on track for everybody prior to school starting tomorrow. As always the guys made me feel more than welcome and a part of an incredible band of Brothers that couldn't be happier to be a part of.  I reiterated to them that if you were to cut me open, you would find green and orange spilling out of the blood coming out of my body. They made sure that I knew I was a part of the team and the biggest Leo fan myself, by presenting me with the University of La Verne leopards football jersey. They really are an incredible group of guys, led by incredible head coach in Coach Krich, and backed by an incredible coaching staff along with Coach Brent Baier who taught my theory of football class last semester. I must say though, as school get started tomorrow, I'm a little bummed to think that I won't be a radio DJ on campus this semester, my alter ego, DJ H double However, I will remain in my element as I am already scheduled to broadcast, and announce, via play-by-play and color commentary 15 games from now until the end of October. Whether it be, women's volleyball, men's and women's soccer, and of course one of my passions football. Needless to say, it's shaping up to be another fun school year and an incredible that I'm super excited to get started and get going. But for now, we will continue on with the crazy event planning, and filming a lot of the video work that we are really excited to show all of you next month, that has been produced, filmed, and edited by two Claremont's finest in Hunter and Jeremiah Davis For those of you that know these two guys, know what they bring to the table and how creative they can be so just sit back, relax, and prepare for your minds to be blown at next month's event. I can't wait to see all of you there. be perfect ....