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Adversity is defined as: adverse or unfortunate event or circumstance.  We all deal with this every day throughout our lives.  This may be because of something physical, catastrophic, injury physically and mentally and emotionally, or daily mishaps throughout our lives.  The great part about it, or the upside to it is our friends, family and teammates show their true colors through times of adversity.  Much of this, you can relate to team sports like baseball and football where player may go down and the team has to battle back to pick up the slack, this also could be done emotionally getting your team back into the game.  Then there’s a different type of adversity, one that you have to deal with on your own terms.  This I have been trying to figure out for two years now this Sunday, July 26.  It’s been a tough crazy roller-coaster ride but, my friends and family have help manage me get through it.  Lately, like everyone else through these tough times, so I’m no excuse, I’ve been dealing with issues, health wise, throwing up, mental and physical fatigue, and just the emotional battle of this injury and the actualization of friends coming and going to college.  Just like anyone else, I’m having to deal with my struggles and take life one day, one moment and one second at a time on my mission to Be Perfect.  Hope is defined as a belief in which a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one’s life.  Hope is something that going through having a spinal cord injury, is something that is needed to be implemented in someone’s dreams of walking again.  Some doctors take away this hope early in recovery, which is damaging not only to the injured victims emotions, but as well as family and friends around them.  I had some doctors tell me what I didn’t want to hear but only would let it motivate me even more.  I had one doctor tell me that Project Walk gives you false hope, this I know is not true.  Project Walk may not promise you that you are going to walk again, but they do promise you that you will get better and become more independent if you work hard enough, in your emotional well being will be much better, this is all that hope I need.  Not only is my goal to help other people, but to implement this hope as well into their lives, that dreams can become a reality.  I have a tattoo on my back of two Japanese characters, it means perseverance.  Perseverance is defined as continuing in a course of action without regard to discouragement, opposition of previous failure, persistent determination to adhere to a plan of direction, without complaint.  I refer to this word everyday throughout my life, to keep hope and overcome adversity.  This is something I live by and a tool I use to keep my confidence up and keep pushing for every single day.  I’ve come to find out that so much about relationships and friendships is about willingness.  I see this way because I feel your willingness to put so much into a relationship and knowing you’ll get that much of it is something we should all do.  It’s about being willing to put it all out there, willing to leave it all on the table to know something good will happen.  The willingness to look so far into someone and let them know that you do care more than just whats on the surface.  It’s about being willing to put your heart out there and at risk, with some hope that you’ll get what you want and something good will happen.  But most of all the willingness to put all your emotions, your feelings, yourself aside to accommodate to someone else, because it’s not about you, it’s about them, helping others and it’s about being perfect.  Can you be perfect…