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I feel like I start every blog by saying wow…. And this time is no different except for the fact that I’m absolutely speechless. About eight months ago when we started planning for this event we knew it would be a lot of work, a lot of man-hours, a lot of thinking, much preparation, much to do, many volunteers to be found, much-needed help from our committee to step up and get things done, much last-minute stressing about thinking we were going to have 400 people at the event and within the past two weeks before the event 500 more signing up, we definitely knew we had our work cut out for us. But,  with the help of all you, with the help of all of our unlivable volunteers and with the help of my perfect committee that I would not change for the world, we successfully created and put on a historic event, that will break records, be a night that will be remembered forever, a night that will change people’s lives forever, and a night that I will hold onto forever. I’m sitting here today my room back to my fast-paced life, school, friends, family, sports the life that I love living. But, I think back to a week ago to wear time literally stood still.  A night that was planned for a straight year finally came, and it was one of those moments where you’re so relieved that the night has finally come and all of your hard work is the payoff, but it’s also one of those nights where you want that moment last forever, you want to ingrain everybody you saw that night into your mind, you want to cherish every moment about the program and what you took out of it, but most importantly you come to realize that you are forever changed. That your perception of life is forever changed simply because what you witnessed that night, history, inspiration, motivation, hope, perseverance, and just an overall unbelievable feeling of self-fulfillment of who you are as a person and being proud of that, but at the same time wanting more from yourself. Pushing yourself that much harder to reach your goals and achievements you’ve set for yourself, focusing that much more on the little details in life and not letting that fast-paced life get the best of you, and most importantly valuing every moment for what it’s worth, cherishing every breath you take and every step you take just knowing that it could be your last. Is there one more thing you could’ve said? Is there one more thing you wish you could have done? Is there one more person you wish you were reached out to? Are you proud of who you are? Or do you still want more? Hopefully, all of you are proud of who you are but the same time hopefully all of you still want more out of yourself. Hopefully all of you feel that you can push yourself even harder, that there is more within you, more than you have to offer to this world, more that you can give rather than receive, and if you haven’t already found your purposethis certainly hope that you left that night with eithera better idea of what that purpose is, for finding a certain motivation to go on a pursuit to find what your purpose is. I am just hoping that like myself, all of their lives were changed forever that night. I Cannot tell you how blessed I am and how blessed I feel to have such an amazing support structure around me. Even though that night was not about raising money for me, and I got much of the credit in the attention that night for the mere fact that I’m the face of the foundation, I don’t necessarily care for it to be that way because it is because of all of you the donors, the volunteers, my committee and most importantly the reason that we were all there all of the SCI victims whose lives were dramatically changed forever in a split second. All of you guys are the ones that give me hope and of the ones that I should be thanking and looking up to. You guys are the reason that my decision is so easy every morning for me to get up and out of bed and go do what I do, and it simply because it’s worth it to me at the end of the day when I see a huge smile on all of your faces and tears rolling down her cheeks at that event, it’s all clear to me that it’s worth it. The reason we do what we do to help others heal.  As for me if you’re wondering what I have learned through all of this and taken away from it? It’s actually that life is quite simple yet not easy. Life throws you curve balls and most ofthe time you swing and miss, or sometimes you just let the opportunity pass you by and take the free pass.  But no matter what we are presented with opportunities and that is what’s most important. Without opportunities we have nothing, and that’s all we need because we are not looking for security we are just looking for opportunities to make something of ourselves and our situation. Then, he simply does run with it and you go with it, and you don’t stop until you achieve that goal. Because life isn’t about how successful you can be because that is defined through other people, life is just simply about your achievements because those are defined for yourself and that is the bar that you’ve set for yourself. At times we all need to be self-motivated and when you set the bar that high and you achieve those goals is when you realize that it’s all worth it not because someone else has told you how successful you are and can be but simply because we have lived up to our own expectations of what we feel and think we are capable of. Being all have it within us and we know it. It’s those people who doubt is that like a fire under us. We all have to realize that talentjust simply gets us through the door but your character is actually what keeps you in the room, because we will shouldn’t let other people’s judgments of us affect who we truly are we should simply live our life to its fullest and be proud of who we are as individuals. Because life isn’t about wearing about our reputations it’s about worrying about our character, because our character is who we truly are and our reputation is merely what others think of us. However, sometimes there is contradictory in that statement because other people’s doubts of who we are is our driving force in what we do. So what I’m trying to say is, no matter what it takes and no matter what the reason is fine that little thing that gets you up and out of bed in the morning and go do what you do. Whether it’s someone else’s doubt, your own personal motivation, or just your physical want and emotional want to achieve those goals that you have set for that day fine that’s only connected to up and out of bed because that will define who you are as a person. Once you realize this and you realize that you can be self-motivated you are to be a bigger and better person than you ever thought you could be. All that I asked is that you stay true to yourself, treat your morals, cherish your beliefs and values and most importantly stand up for what you believe in. I’ve come to find out that there was 1000 people there last Saturday night that believes in what I am doing and I am forever grateful for that. So when you’re out in public and someone asking about that bracelet around her wrist don’t tell but you are supporting me at home that you’re standing up for what you believe in advance that you can be perfect. And that doesn’t mean that you are the perfect person necessarily, what it simply means is that you can be the perfect person that gives their all to no matter what it is that they’re doing whether it’s relationships, family, friends, school, therapy, and most of all what we were all there Saturday night for someday walking again. But please continue to spread the awareness and continued to support them if you can do that for me I am forever indebted to all of you. As for today what I’ve learned, is that my change in my life hasn’t paralyzed me it simply motivated meet to find who I am truly supposed to be and what my purpose is in this world.  As for where begins, well it starts every morning when I roll over and look at that alarm clocks and I have to make my decision, then I begin to think of what my life is truly about, the people that I have around me, the people that I need to walk for, and the achievements that I need to obtain for myself. Because I’m not still entirely convinced of who I am nor am I complacent with who I am and i’m not content with who I am, I continue and want to search for more within myself because of all of you.. So when you wake up tomorrow morning to let me help you make that decision, just roll over and look at the alarm clock and for those of you who wear the bracelet looked down at her wrist and see what it says… It does not only does it show that you’re supporting a cause but also shows her standing up for what you believe in. Life’s about surrounding yourself with great people and this isn’t by accident that I have so many great people around me. I’m not being conceited by saying that I’m great at choosing my friends but what I’m really trying to say is that all of your true colors have shown and I know that all of you that are in my life where that bracelet simply because you all are perfect in some way shape or form and you all wake up every morning with the attitude that you’re in to try and live up to being perfect.  So as for the face the foundation, is simply laugh when people say that it is me and that I’m the driving force behind all this, people are so naïve and they don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. You all who are involved and support are the face of this foundation. Thanks for a record-breaking year with record-breaking numbers.  1000 attendees, 50 spinal cord injury attendees, $425,000 raised, one goal, one purpose, one night, one theme, thousands of life’s touched forever,  history Marked on that mile marker,  but the most important thing all of you giving back the hope to all those that we will continue to help reach their milestones that they have set. Because it is the little victories in life is not just about walking a, it’s about becoming comfortable with who you are again, becoming independent and just figuring life outwhen it throws you that curveball. So when your face about stuff like this week and you’re confused on whether or not to go when it’s yellow, simply just slow down and stop, take a deep breath, take everything in around it andnoticed the little details in life, because you may have just passed up the biggest opportunity of your life…. Be perfect