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The moving week of January 20-26!

This past week was a great week of reaching out to others, raising awareness, and bringing perspective to many individuals. I was blessed enough to have the opportunity to have several speaking engagements throughout the week, all of which were reaching out to students at the high school levels. The week started by speaking to sports teams at Claremont high school my alma mater. I was able to reach out to athletes from both the JV and Varsity level baseball team and the varsity basketball team. I tried to bring some perspective to all of them about the different values that should be put upon their time spent in high school and how valuable it is to be a part of a team and experience the camaraderie of being on. These were all aspects during my high school career in which I wish I'd paid more attention to and had more of a sense of appreciation towards my coaches and peers during those great times. I enjoy speaking to those types of kids who in a lot of ways I live vicariously through as I see them very image of myself in those kids shoes at my alma mater.  All of the kids were very receptive and I look forward to the ways that they will bring forth both their attitudes and their skills to represent Claremont high school as a whole. The very next day I tried to bring the same sort of perspective to kids that were a part of the San Dimas high school  baseball program as I spoke to them on the very same topics that I reiterated to the kids at my alma mater of being a part of the program and the team and the different contributions you can bring to that team to play your role as effective as possible.  I feel so blessed to have the sort of connections to be able to go out and talk to all of these types of athletes and students at the various surrounding schools in the area to provide my insight and perspective and what I feel as if is some valuable life lessons to kids that I can relate to. It also brings a lot of perspective to me while doing so, many perspectives in which he keeps me grounded and humbles me in so many different ways, to be able to share my story not in the way that sounds conceited, cocky, or in any case playing the woe is me card, but merely trying to bring perspective to many of these athletes mind to show them what they are truly capable of bringing to the table in life.  I also had a unique first experience with doing my first ever webinar online with a group of students that were from high schools in both Utah and Arizona.  This extremely interactive experience reiterated to me the power of technology and how getting the word out about be perfect and sharing my testimony with others can go far beyond just the local areas and on a face-to-face basis, but merely through the power of video chat in kids sending through question and answer responses through a unique software through Google hang out. There was no telling really the true amount students that were on the webinar because more than one student was locked in at any given time in classrooms of high schools, but in any case we were able to get the word out and I got much great feedback on both the use of the technology and the message that was being sent to all the students through the my testimonial. The great week ended when I attended a fundraiser at cable airport, in upland which is Claremont's neighboring city. The fundraiser was a beer festival, with live bands, food, vendors, and beer tasting first 40 different breweries all over Southern California, and the event was put on by Dale Brothers brewing Company out of Upland, and all the proceeds benefited CEF, the Claremont educational foundation. The Hardy family, and their close friend Richard, headed up this wonderful event along with the likes of many great Claremont ambassadors like the Harper family and so many other involved families in Claremont in order to make this a huge and successful event. The event initially expected somewhere in the ballpark of 1500 attendees and they were blown away by the great response of over 3000 people in attendance. Needless to say, it was a huge hit and spread the word of all the great things that Claremont educational foundation is doing in the community. What came along with this great event was a chance for my family and several other families in the community to volunteer at the various brewing company's tense where we were able to pour beers for all the attendees as volunteers. While doing so we were able to put out a tip jar and raise awareness for be perfect and we were able to raise over $900 in tips in just under 2 1/2 hours of pouring beverages to the attendees. It was an incredible response and a great day that I will remember, and definitely give my family nice some ideas for how we can make our event better and future events that relate to be perfect. I can't wait for next year's beer Festival and I can only hope that Claremont educational foundation receives an overwhelming response in which so many great monetary proceeds will go in their way after another great event. I just wanted to update you all on another perfect filled week, and will keep you updated on all the great things that are happening in the near future.