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Do you ever have those mornings when you wake up and it all just kind of hits you? Of what’s important in life’s.. A perception of how life is supposed to be and meant to be... The things that you value and care about most... The things that hold meaning with you... The things that you miss yet an understanding of the things that you have now and how those things have filled the void of the things that are no longer.. Not necessarily a void that you are imposing on purpose to try and cover up old feelings just merely something that has naturally happened in life that you find the same if not more happiness through it than those things you once had before.. I feel like that was today for me... I don’t know what it was.. Whether it was a feeling of gratefulness, happiness, fulfillment or just a sense of appreciation and pride for the things and people that I’ve surrounded myself with that define who I am. When I woke up this morning like I do every morning, I stared at the mural on my wall. A mural that truly defines who I am, where I’ve been, where I’ve come from, how far I’ve come, my passions in life, my previous dreams and goals, the standards that I set, the values that I held, and today a driving force that gets me up and out of bed every morning. Wake boarding was something that I loved. A sport, a passion, a hobby and to me a way of life that was unlike any other. It was my escape from everything in life, nothing else mattered, no worries in the world and no one else to blame but me. I had dreams, dreams to land my first backflip on a wakeboard and turn professional someday. Half of this dream came true, but not all of it. Yet that is not what I defined my life as. A failure, something left unsaid, something incomplete, something I did not achieve.. Because life went on, things got better and I achieved other things in life that I never thought that I would. This mural of me landing a backflip that lays above my head every nightis never a downer. I know everybody approaches things differently and I am no different. When people lose things in life they tend to be depressed, they shut down mentally and emotionally and at times want to give up. I couldn’t be more the opposite of that for anything that I’ve lost in life. I’ve come to find out and even most importantly to understand that the things that we lose in life were intended to happen, which is the hardest thing of all to grasp your hands around and truly understand and make sense of. It’s not always so clear at first as to why things happen which is living with the free and open line to understanding that these things have a greater purpose behind them and a bigger meaning helps the transition stage of getting back to who you are once again. When I lose and have lost things in life I use it as a sense of motivation, as a sense of getting back to who I was when I had those things in my life by replacing it with other things that hold stronger and equal value to me. Not being able away port at this point in time doesn’t get me down it’s merely a motivating factor for me to defy all the odds and getting back up on my feet again and riding on board. I know if I live my life with an attitude that is depressed and sad I will have no shot at being that person never again. But to be honest if I never become that person physically again, I may actually be okay with it, not because I don’t want to be, but because of so many great things that have happened and continue to happen in my life since I lost everything. The life and the people that have now I would not change the world because it is something that I love. In the spirit of the holiday season, during this loving time of year, and Valentine’s Day coming up I think all of us spend the time to sit around and think about the things and people that we do love and care about. And for most of us we don’t fear loving somebody or having things love, but merely we fear not being loved by others. Now I know Valentine’s Day might seem silly to a lot of people and most girls may even give you the standard answer that guys should show their love for the ones they love no matter what day of the year’s.  This I do tend to agree with in most respects. However, I tend a think of the little differently myself. I more or less use this time a year and this particular day to identify those things that I truly love and care about and most importantly showing my expression of care to those things and individuals. I know many people would tell you that “love, to love, and to be loved” is an extremely strong word and expression that should not just be thrown around for no reason at all, and like many of you that know me my different opinion on things stays true for this topic as well. I know love can be defined as an intense feeling of deep affection towards someone or something, which most people would see as the type of love that only exist amongst two people. However, I do find love a little differently. I see “love” as a great interest or pleasure in something. This definition of love I put to practice my life, while it makes me a more open person to accept and love into my life at any magnitude or any form. To me this isn’t necessarily to say that I don’t throw the term love around cautiously enough, I guess that I’m just a much more open person to letting the people and the things around me now how much they are truly cared about. I feel as if that has benefited me tremendously as I have surrounded myself with many great things and many great people. I love these people. I like to think I’m a pretty attentive person, my awareness of things around me, hints and clues that are thrown at me, and opportunities that are put in front of me that I should bite it on and take. At this point my life I don’t see it any differently, so I like to think every decision I’ve ever made was the right one. It wasn’t always the right outcome or even a positive thing, about the end of the day I can live my life without regrets because where I’m at right now, the things that I’ve accomplished, the direction I’m going, the person I am, the values that I hold, the attitude I maintained, the perception of my life and the world around me, the life that I live, the people that are part of it, and the things that I hold most dearly in life are all things that I would never change for the life of me. So I can only begin to think that my life is perfect and that every decision I made was the right one. There are certain aspects and things in life that come and go, phases that we go through, trends that we abide by, new things we learn, old habits we forget about in great and things that we love that we will hold onto forever. Now more than ever in my life I have those things that I love and that I refuse to let go. Some things are more evident than others, some things people know about and can see on the surface and other things that I choose not to tell people and I simply go about my day with living with such a happy and motivating feeling inside for those things that I have that get me up and out of bed every morning. I haven’t feared to not love something or even not be loved by someone, what I’ve feared most is losing what I have. When I was younger and I got complacent with my life and felt like I was on top of the world was when I lost it all, I will ever take life for granted again and the things that I have in mine simply because if I were ever to lose it all again I won’t have any regrets, and he worries or any doubt because I gave everything I had to those things in life that I truly loved. From people, to Hobby’s, to sports, to friendships, to relationships and my values that I hold in life. I’m a pretty lucky individual. I feel loved by many people, I love many people, I love many things in life all because I wasn’t willing to hold back, and was willing to put it all out there with knowing that there was a chance that I get something in return, and I feel as if I’ve gotten that now more than ever. This feeling that I have, this happiness that I hold, this attitude I carry is unlike anything I’ve ever felt in life. I feelinspired. So this year, this month and even this week when you’re trying to figure out something to love, and if you will ever be loved do yourself this favor. Go out and be prideful of who you are, be yourself, live life with motivation, work hard, achieve your goals, never stop pushing forward, never hold back, be assertive enough to go after the things you want, lay it all out there, say the things you need to say, don’t hold in the feelings that are most valuable to you, express your love to the ones you truly care about, you give your love to the things that you love and I can promise you that not only will you find something to love, but people and if anything somebody will love you for who you truly are deep down inside and will want to hold onto that forever as well. So this morning when I thought about the things that I’ve loved that I’ve lost, the things that I love that I have, the things that I love that I want and I think of my life now I get really excited for what is to come in the near future. I can’t change what has happened, I can only make the best of my situation and try to alter the course of what’s going to happen through good decisions, perseverance, hard work and a loving and caring attitude towards others.  We all love different things. From our girl friends to our boyfriends, our jobs, our lives, sports, hobbies, religion, school, friends and even family.  When you love something that much do go to any extent to not lose that feeling and hold onto it forever. You’ll whatever it takes to make that other person feel good and feel happy about themselves. Love is unselfish, love does not expect things in return just merely has the mindset of giving and someday will be rewarded. Love is not an accident, love is a feeling you get only do certain things in life. Love is more than a feeling, in some cases it’s controlling it keeps you going, it motivates you, it makes you happy, it makes you sad, it teaches the lessons. Love causes people to break down, love makes people lose hope, but sometimes love makes people stronger, love makes people daring, love gives you hope. Love drives us all crazy for all the right reasons. The things that I love, have changed over the years, in some cases change day-to-day. But there are some things that I love that I will hold onto forever.... I love you all, I won’t let go of you, I won’t give up, I won’t stop, I won’t give in, I won’t break, I won’t bend, I won’t get down, I won’t be sad, I will keep moving forward, I will keep moving on, I will continue to learn, I will never regret, I will always stay positive, I will always maintain hope, I will cherish life, I will be grateful, I will stand tall,  I will hold to my word, I will tell the truth, I will voice my opinions, I will state my beliefs, I will give everything I have into no matter what it is I’m doing, I will continue to be me,  I will walk again, I will wake board again, I will always love... And I will always try to be perfect
I owe that to you guys
LOVE who you are, LOVE what you do, LOVE what you stand for, LOVE your family, LOVE your friends, LOVE what’s important to, LOVE your life

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