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The Re-Branding of Project Walk Claremont to "The Perfect Step"

The Perfect Step Re-Branding

As some of you may already know or may have already made your calculated assumptions, there have been some big changes with one of our community partners, Project Walk Claremont. What was previously known as Project Walk Claremont, a center for paralysis recovery, has now moved to a different image. Now known as “The Perfect Step” or “TPS,” the newly rebranded facility has seen some major changes in more recent months. In November 2017, our local partnered facility completed another major expansion and was renamed, The Perfect Step. With 7000 square feet of space, it now has the capacity to treat up to 150 clients and includes two new office spaces to offer new services in-house, such as massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractor services, and psychological services.

What is The Perfect Step?

The Perfect Step is a world-renowned facility for treatment to those living with paralysis is a and a multitude of neurological ailments. The Perfect Step treats hundreds of clients every year and has trainers with thousands of hours of experience to show for it. The Perfect Step treats clients who suffer from Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke, Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury, ALS, And PLS. Our approach towards exercise-based therapy leaves individuals suffering from paralysis in a better position to succeed and regain self-identity, self-confidence, and independence through intense training.

The Perfect Step exists to provide an improved quality of life to people with paralysis through intense exercised-based recovery programs, education, research and development. The Perfect Step believes that "Exercise is Medicine" and the best form of medicine that any doctor can prescribe is a healthy, active, and fit lifestyle based around exercise. The Perfect Step understands that every client has special needs. Therefore, we offer several programs to best meet those needs and optimize our client's chances for recovery. Clients have the option to visit one of our locations or participate in a home recovery program. The Perfect Step helps give people with paralysis the independence, hope, and dreams that were lost because of this devastating reality.

The Meaning and Purpose Behind the Logo


The icon built within The Perfect Step logo is an indicator of what the facility stands for. Like anything in life, things are interpreted based off one’s perception, however we have a particular belief and intent behind what our logo needs to our facility. The logo appears to be circular in shape where one might indicate a pathway or a road that is running through the shape. This circular shape to some may represent a wheel to that of a wheelchair, which correlates to the paralysis population that we treat. But, moving beyond the surface level of what the icon indicates, is what the true depth of the logo stand for. The road running through the circle is representative of a road to recovery. That road to recovery is breaking through the circle, which can be correlated back to how our facility breaks the mold and creates new paths. Here at The Perfect Step, we believe that the figurative “Perfect Step” in ones recovery is the one in the right direction and the one that starts them down the long road to recovery. We know that that road to recovery will be a long one, but in order to attain the goals that one is setting out to accomplish, they need to take a step in the right direction. From that point forward, we believe that we have the staff, the knowledge, the acumen, the tools, and the equipment to assist somebody down that road and continue those perfect steps forward in their recovery. We understand that, a particular clients road to recovery may have obstacles within, but regardless we will break through and attain many goals along the way.


The Future of TPS

The Perfect Step’s journey has just began.  We are excited to duplicate our model and success across the country by partnering with franchise owners that want to open a TPS facility themselves and provide an incredible service with incredible outcomes.

Because of the efforts of both Mike Alpert and The Claremont Club, an incredible community partnership with Dr. Salas of Kaiser Permanente of Fontana has come to fruition. The Perfect Step is now engaged in a multi-year IRB Approved Medical Research Study conducted by Kaiser Permanente at TPS. The purpose is to measure quality of life and reduction of secondary complications using our methodology and "patterned neural activity recruitment” which will help fight for legislative reform and third-party reimbursement for programs like TPS so people living with paralysis can live their healthiest richest lives.

What Does This all Mean?

While there are many worthwhile causes in this world, all of which need our attention, our resources, our monetary giving, and our voice to help make a worldwide impact, we also must realize that there are needs here in our own backyard. The Claremont Club has welcomed “The Perfect Step,” with open arms as a inclusive facility that is willing to embrace something that would be turned down otherwise. Ultimately, the Claremont club has stepped up to the plate to be the ultimate community partner, and has offered up its facility, its members, and its services as a home for those who need it most. Clients who are in The Perfect Step Program, find value in a program that is expensive in regards to out-of-pocket pay (mind you the cost per hour for the program is an industry low price, “$95,” at a high-quality value). The clients not only see the value of the program, but the family members who are tied to the client, also are bound to the facility and The Claremont Club, because of the warm and welcoming nature that The Claremont Club and its members have offered. Where with these people go otherwise? Nowhere I tell you. Much of this may seem too good to be true to many of you, so the only way to convince you of the miracles that we are making happen every day, is to invite you in. When you walk by that glass door, walking down the hallway to the able-bodied gym at TCC and wonder what is inside, wonder no longer. Next time, stop in and be inspired. What you will be inspired by us, meaning those in wheelchairs, we in turn will also be inspired by you as we want to be those able-bodied people walking down the hallway again. Don’t you see? We need you as much as you need us. Let’s go change lives together and let’s continue to be regarded as the premier facility in the world for paralysis recovery. But, I must ask you that if you are going to be a part of the movement, that you would do it with the intention of not making money, just like our CEO Mike Alpert. When you are in the business of making money, you don’t. When you are in the business of helping other people, the money comes when you least expect it. And quite frankly the money never matters. The most important things in life are not things, they are people… Be Perfect

New brand, new image, new logo, same mission…