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Jason Smoot


Jason's story is familiar. It has all of the elements common to the stories of the people we help. He had lived decades of life with a fully functioning body. Then, in an instant, in the middle of a normal activity – something familiar, something routine – everything changed.

Jason was enjoying time at the pool. He decided it was time to get back in, and took a dive. His body collided with the concrete, resulting in a C-4/ C-5 spinal cord injury.

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Jason is now in recovery at The Perfect Step and is seeing the results of physical therapy. He has been pleased to notice that he's gained strength in his arms, back, stomach, and core. But what's most amazing to him is that his therapy isn't all about his physical capabilities. Jason is improving in many other ways.


Gaining mental strength is a big part of Jason's story. He has felt his confidence growing, and loves meeting the other people training alongside him. Jason says, "I look forward to going to  The Perfect Step every week, because every time I leave I feel like I improved... not only in health but as a person. Most importantly, I think it has made me a better father to my son, Jayden."

It's stories like this one that get us excited. Jason exemplifies what it means to "Be Perfect".  In the face of such difficult circumstances, he would seem to have every reason to be bitter and defeated -- but instead he's chosen to rise up and get back in the game of life.