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Iris Barajas

I am very grateful to all of you, thanks to you me and many other people that were helped by The Be Perfect Foundation are able to continue with our recovery.
— Iris Barajas

Name: Iris Barajas

Date of Injury: 11/4/2016    

Level of Injury: T9-L1  

Brief description of how you are injured: I felt from a third floor fracturing my spinal cord.

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What type of assistance has Be Perfect Foundation provided for you and how has that helped regain an independent and active lifestyle? The Be Perfect Foundation has given me a scholarship to be part of The Perfect Step, where every day in every session I work on the recovery of my damage muscles due to my injury. Without the Be Perfect Foundation help I wouldn’t be able to afford this training program that I’m hoping it’ll help me to walk without the braces. I know is a long road but thanks to B.P.F. I know every day I’m closer to reaching my goal.

How has Be Perfect re-instilled hope back into your life again? After the doctors told me that I would never move my legs again, B.P.F. community, the trainers and client’s testimonials have made me believe in my self and what I can do. As long as I’m persistent and do my best during my sessions on top being self motivated I know I can continue on my way to recovery.

How has The Perfect Step helped you? The methods that are use in this facility are for our specific needs, and the facility is very well equipped. I love the kindness of all the staff here and how professional they are.

What are some goals that you have set for yourself that you are proud to say that you have attained? I don’t use the wheelchair anymore. I use the braces and the walker even to walk long distances.

What are some goals for the future that you would like to attain that Be Perfect can help you achieve? I would like to recover the movement and the strength on my legs and stop using the braces so that I can be independent and go back to school.

What was life like prior to your accident and what were some of the fun activities that you enjoyed doing? I use to like traveling and going to the university. How has your accident changed your mindset? I valued everything in life now, especially health and the things that matter the most like family and friends.

Anything else that you would like to tell the donors or a simple thank you that you would like to give them? THANK YOU to all the donors for the amazing help, for giving me hope and for the opportunity to put me in a wonderful program that, I wouldn’t be able to do without your help. I am very grateful to all of you, thanks to you me and many other people that were helped by B.P.F. are able to continue with our recovery.