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Kareem Taylor

Thank you and your organization for providing me with this blissful gift. It was truly needed and I was nowhere near being able to do it on my own. So, on behalf of me and my family, we love to say thank you to the Be Perfect Foundation and thank you all for making this thing happen!
— Kareem Taylor

Name: Kareem J Taylor

Date of Injury: 6/1997

Level of Injury: Cervical level 6th and 7th vertebrae

Brief description of how you are injured: Gunshot injury

What type of assistance has Be Perfect provided for you, and how has that helped you regain an independent and active lifestyle? Due to a lack of options and exhausted medicaid benefits I had a six plus year wheelchair that was causing me great discomfort. BE PERFECT granted me a custom wheelchair that is safe and durable.

How has Be Perfect re-instilled hope back into your life again? By giving me the ability to get out and mingle with the rest of the world.

What are some goals that you have set for yourself, that you are proud to say that you have attained? I have my Associates Degree, my sanity, my compassion my love & respect for humanity, these are my proudest treasures.

What are some future goals that you would like to attain, that Be Perfect can help you achieve? I plan to be a voice of my fellow brethren and sisters who cant be heard by others. BE PERFECT can help me to achieve this goal by helping me find a platform to market my ideas and solution for those of us with challenged lives.

Anything else that you would like to tell the donors or a simple thank you that you would like to give them? THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT IT IS THE LOVE I NEEDED MOST RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!

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