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Ontario Reign Gala

The foundation has some incredible community partners from all businesses, corporations, organizations, supporters, and individual people. The pinnacle of those partnerships is with that of the Claremont Club and Mike Alpert. A lot of the incredible things that Mike does for the local community goes unseen, unnoticed, and under the radar. But let me just reassure you of the great things that he does for Be Perfect and this is just one example. Every year, Mike puts of a huge level sponsorship with that of the Ontario Reign hockey team. This sponsorship does get him some notoriety and recognition with commercials, logos and banners inside the Citizens Business Bank Arena and during Ontario Reign hockey games however, the sponsorship is intended to have one night during the season be dedicated towards raising funds towards the organization that sponsors the Ontario Reign hockey team. 


Typically these nights are consisted of Jersey auction nights where the proceeds from the jersey auction go directly back to the company or business who sponsored the team. The past three years Mike has done this high level sponsorship for the Reign, but with the proceeds from the jersey auction night that should be allocated towards the Claremont Club, he donates it directly back to Be Perfect. The end of the season Gala for the Ontario Reign has been home of the jersey auction night that benefits the Claremont Club. The gala fundraiser is held at the Doubletree Hotel, in Claremont, every year and brings in all of the most wild and crazed Ontario Reign fans and season ticket holders who are wanting to bid high prices on the practice uniforms, that the Ontario Reign team wears throughout the year that have both the Claremont Club logo and the Be Perfect logo on the Jersey. 


Just last weekend, the Gala fundraiser raised nearly $31,000 during the jersey auction because of Mike's incredible contributions. Mike got up and spoke eloquently in front of the crowd and educated them on what the Claremont Club does to help the local community and some of their great partnerships, namely with the Ontario Reign hockey team. Needless to say, it tugged at the crowd's heartstrings and they were willing to open their pocketbooks and wallets. To date over the past three years at the Jersey auction and end of the season Gala fundraiser, the Claremont Club and the Ontario Reign have teamed up to raise over some $96,000 for Be Perfect, to go directly back to help those suffering from paralysis. 

The event simply would not have been possible without the help of the PR department of Laura Tolbirt, assisted that night by Nicole Disney and Jesse Liebman emceeing the event, and the beautiful venue provided by community partner and season ticket holder for the Reign, Andrew Behnke. It has been an absolutely incredible partnership with the two organizations and I have been so blessed this season to now be a part of the Ontario Reign family as one of their broadcasters, alongside Jesse Liebman throughout the season. The past two years going to the Gala fundraiser I did not have any ties to the Ontario Reign, but it was definitely a unique night this year with being able to say that I was one of their own.

It has been an incredible learning experience this season with the team and alongside Jesse. The front office staff has been amazing from everyone from; Jesse Liebman, Laura Tolbirt, Nicole Disney, Aaron Arak, Jasmyn Wilson, Vinnie Aven, Chris Orechia, Jeff Kang, John Livas, Steven Minucci, Jonah Myers, Ulises Ramirez, Alexis Alonso, Daniel Hernandes, Jonathan Hawk and Katie Larson. A special thanks to previous Ontario Reign team president Justin Kemp for all that you have done for the team in the past, and also the new team president Darren Abbott for the great direction that we are heading in. As these community partnerships continue to grow, as do our services and our ability to continue to help more people in the surrounding area.

I can only hope and imagine what that partnership will become in years to come with the Ontario Reign making the move to be a AAA level affiliate next season of the Los Angeles Kings. This year they are the double-A affiliate of the Los Angeles Kings, which is a step below AAA. So next year it will only mean more fans to come out and truly appreciate great hockey, like this year already. Unfortunately, some of the great players that I have got to meet and share great bonds with will be moving on next year possibly along with the AA affiliate back to Manchester, or hopefully moving up to the AAA team and being back in Ontario again next season. But, hopefully it will still mean another group of great guys that are willing to come in and help raise some great money for Be Perfect. I have always been amazed at how giving and willing all of the players are in the organization to be a part of the various events that go on in the community and what they do for their fans and local partnerships. You simply do not see that dedication anywhere and it's amazing to think that it's right here in our backyard in Ontario.

Thanks to all who were involved. If you want to check a bit more on all the things that are going on with the Reign and the broadcasting that Jesse and I have been doing all season long, make sure you follow our twitter, @Ontarioreign, and it is the same for instagram. Also follow the Ontario Reign on YouTube and check out all of our game highlights. And you can also see more at halhargrave.com . BP Thanks a ton to Blaze the Dragon and the Dark Knight, team mascots, for always being huge supporters of me and Be Perfect. And even a bigger thanks to Lee Calkins as the team photographer this season for shooting some great shots at the end of the year Gala jersey auction.