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Announcing.. Ontario Reign Event

Recently I've had some of the great opportunities and perks of being a part of the exceptional communications department at the University of La Verne, which has allowed me to get more involved on campus with our sports programs and student body. Aside from being a radio DJ on campus ( DJ H double), every Tuesday from 2 to 4, on our campus radio station 107.9 Leo FM, which can be accessed from our school's website, Laverne.edu I have also been able to pursue and get more experience in the field that I am aspiring to be a part of for the rest of my life of sports broadcasting. Much like I have been throughout the entire school year of broadcasting, both in play-by-play and color commentary, for football, volleyball, basketball, and now softball and baseball I have been able to gain much knowledge and unique experiences with being on live broadcasts that have made me more comfortable, more polished, and more professional at my craft as time goes on. But what I have learned more than anything else, is that I am far from being good and efficient, I don't know it all, and I have much room to continue to get better. Needless to say, it's a work in progress, but I have an absolute blast of doing it. Being able to pursue my dreams, at a young age, and in my college environment truly has been a dream come true. As I continue to broadcast more games, gain more experience, and truly harness my skills, I can only hope that the profession and facet of my life that I truly love, continues to grow on me and doors hopefully will begin to open for me with hard work, dedication, and putting my time in wherever it is needed to get my shot. You are all able to tune in any time throughout the week whether it's during my DJ shift on Leo FM, or even on our live broadcasts for almost every softball and baseball games, football, and basketball games at the University of La Verne. Just this past Sunday, I was able to attend an amazing event that benefited be perfect, with so many incredible people involved. For the second year in a row now, the Claremont club has partnered and had an affiliation with the Ontario reign, the minor-league team for the Los Angeles Kings hockey team. Many of these future NHL players, and exceptional young men to say the least, have been and were be on supportive on Sunday night at the Ontario reign's end of the year Gala where all proceeds went to the be perfect foundation. The owner of the Doubletree in Claremont, Andrew, for the past two years has been gracious enough to house and host the event at his facility as this year it was another beautiful setting in an outdoor courtyard, just outside the candlelight Pavilion, which was beautifully lit and decorated, and well served by the staff of the Doubletree employees. The night consisted of a cocktail hour, a short program, with some guest speakers, and a live auction of all of the players on the teams, practice uniforms, where all proceeds benefited the foundation. Through the generosity of so many loyal season-ticket holders who were in attendance that night, and many supporters of the Reign in general, the Ontario Reign, with the help of Mike Alpert's great presentation, were able to raise $25,000 for the foundation. This was at a peer generosity and grace on behalf of the Ontario Reign who simply said all we needed to do was to show up and show our support that night and they would handle the rest. They truly are a model organization who does more philanthropic things throughout the year that I could even began to count or tell you about, and they are an organization that the foundation is be on humble and of the utmost respect to say we are affiliated and partnered with. It truly was an incredible night, and was even more amazing to see how gracious every single one of the players, who were in attendance that night, with how humorous, how giving, and how supportive they were to try and raise the most money as possible for the foundation. Needless to say, these were all acts of both the players, the organization, management, and coaches, that they never needed to do for us, but because they are such great people, they did this selfless act with so much grace and respect for others that I was beyond words to express my thanks. I am so grateful, as well is my family and the foundation to have partners like the Ontario Reign, and so many of the great people who were involved over there that we can now say that we are both a part of their team as well as they are part of ours. It truly is a dream come true and something that I will never forget.